An initiative of Franco-Lebanese professionals from
the French-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce
the French-lebanese Association of IT Professionals

Creation of the France-Lebanon Endowment Fund

The Lebanese population has been facing a serious, multifaceted crisis for a year now (since October 17, 2019), on financial, economic, monetary, humanitarian, social and health levels. On August 4, 2020, the consequences of the large-scale disaster caused by the explosion at the port of Beirut added up.
Starting November 2019, actions, by organizations or members of the Lebanese diaspora, intended to help a hard-hit population began to see light. Wishing to complete its economic vocation with a humanitarian and social commitment, the Franco-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce (CCFL), took the initiative to set up an endowment fund. It represents an intervention tool that offers the advantage of giving donors, that are tax residents in France, the possibility of benefiting from a tax credit, excluding wealth tax.
The CCFL wished to offer other Lebanese associations in France the possibility of joining her as co-founders. The Franco-Lebanese Association of IT Professionals (AFPI) responded positively to this proposal. This possibility remains open to one or two other organizations which express their intention and are co-opted by the board of directors, within six months of the creation of the fund. The primary objective is to bring together the means that allow emergency intervention with people in distress. Aware of the need to make their action long-lasting, the founders wished to broaden the purpose of the fund to actions of general interest in the service of the common good. The France-Lebanon Endowment Fund (FDFL) is now officially created, the announcement having been published in the official journal on August 1, 2020.

Forms of action to achieve the social object

In particular, and without being exhaustive, the fund may:

– grant aid for food or social purposes, in kind or in cash;
– helping to provide medicines, supplies, small equipment or medical equipment;
– grant scholarships, honorary loans and guarantees to students;
– develop or support professional training for destitute people in need of reorientation;
– support French-speaking education in Lebanon, in both denominational and secular schools, if necessary through digital access to training;
– provide support for any operation for cultural, scientific or educational purposes;
– promote the Francophonie among the Lebanese community;
– promote Lebanese culture to the French community;
– participate in the safeguarding of heritage and the protection of the environment;
– finance studies or actions intended to preserve endangered professions;
– advise or support individuals to start a business and companies to develop, in areas of general interest;
– enhance education, Lebanon’s main asset by promoting the knowledge economy;
– promote the creation or development of companies whose activity is compatible with the purpose of the fund.

The governance

FDFL is administered by a board of directors made of three colleges with a maximum of five members each.

At launch, the board of directors consists of:


The founders’ college

The CCFL, first founder, has two seats. It is represented by Mr. Farid Aractingi, appointed Chairman and Ms. Shérine Audi, director; AFPI is represented by its President, Mr. Camille El Hage, treasurer.


The college of partners

It will be completed as patrons and institutions join the fund and will be invited to nominate representatives.


The college of qualified personalities

It currently has three members:

A Society of Friends,
support and support instance.

The Society of Friends aims to mobilize goodwill around the France-Lebanon Endowment Fund, relay its actions to the public, identify and relay to the fund the needs of society and the projects that emanate from it, suggest to the board of administration courses of action.

It brings together under the leadership of Master Michel Ferrand, Professor Diane Khair, Professor Jean Tamraz, Doctor Elie Gharios and Mr. Hady Farah.

A Charter of Values

Along with the development of the statutes, a charter of values was drawn up.

It proclaims the principles which will guide the action of the fund,

supplemented by the commitments of its promoters.

It has four cardinal principles.